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Tenacity of Autumn

Tenacity of Autumn Oil on canvas Size: 40 H x 40 W x 2 cm Year: 2018


Vitaliy Mashchenko was born in Ukraine in 1975, the son of a talented painter Victor Mashchenko. Vitaliy got all his painting skills from him and is very grateful for the education and skills that were handed down a generation.
As a young artist, he was far from originality and his present style. Looking back his future was probably predetermined, because from an early age he was doing what he loved and it worked out. But he was inexperienced, full of ambitions and yet at the same time full of doubts. So Mashchenko left behind his ambitions in pictorial art and did not paint for many years instead engaged creative side through a career in graphic design.
However, his inner desire to paint stayed strong and he eventually picked up his brushes again and is now back at the easel and painting again. He finds it hard to define what really was the trigger for this change in direction, other than saying that this is where he is happiest as it gives him the pleasure of feeling that he is in his natural state as an artist.
At first, the original doubts resurfaced, there was a fear that all his skills had been forgotten. Yet, during this second rebirth as an artist, he began to use a palette knife and understood that this style of painting was definitely his.

Without “Artist Statement”

I will not write “Artist Statement”. I do not want to write it, because I get to write some nonsense. I paint intuitively, so I can not answer the question “why”. I’m not sure that my words will increase my importance, because I’m not a writer with good English, but an artist with bad English. In addition, everyone sees something different in my works. It’s quite normal. All I want to say is, let stay in the painting. Maybe I’ll change my mind later, but now I see it like that.

Bio / History

Date of birth: 6 June 1975.
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine.
1982 – 1992: Middle School.
1993 – 1999: Zaporizhzhya National University.
1999 – 2003: Self-Employed Artist.
2003 – 2006: “Business Neuro Systems”. Designer.
2006 – 2010: “Scorto Solutions”. Designer.
2010 – 2012: “Alyuda Research”. Designer.
2012 – 2012: “Scoring Systems”. Designer.
2012 – 2017: “Scorto Solutions International”. Designer.
Starting in 2017: Self-Employed Artist.

Inspired by painting

Author: John Doyle, Ireland.
A Change in the Weather
Greens detonate
after rain has fallen,
these lawns in their rising breath possess a sense of speech,
and students dragging their heels
will leave a drip of memoirs unforeseen
a wriggled-smile succeeds
their vodka-glazed broil,
he takes sails of his
meanderings again,
her hip-hung sweater
a cape
ancient superheroes wore,
his mantle
and questions of place –
greens silent,
and the rain
un-afraid of
this seeping

Author: Pablo Ezequiel Espenet, Argentina.
The silence of the stones
The night dissolves everything
the day coagulates its remains:
everything and nothing
nothing and everything
and vice versa
I ramble through the mental forests
only I know
captive of his luscious mind
engraved in my flesh
The grey mist on his lips
the grey haze in his eyes
and his body is the colour
of all the colours of my body
merged together
A stray boy
among spoken words
assuming the clefts of silence
will irrevocably save him
when he is already dead
My hands tend a soil
fruitfully infertile
and my fingers sink into a thick earth
known by no one
but me
A dense green
chases me
along a prohibited valley
and unpleasant feliform animals
laugh without concrete intentions
on the other side
of a shadowy distance
The poem is born
when the sorrow we hold
can no longer be mitigated
The poem emerges
when the world speaks
and the only voice that must be heard
remains painfully silent